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Guide to a CMAA Internship Program

The Club Manager’s Guide to Developing a Club Internship Program

An intern is a student or recent graduate who works as an apprentice or trainee to gain practical experience in an occupation. Most hospitality and recreational sports-related schools and university programs require students to complete internships (often referred to as externships or co-operative programs) as part of their graduation requirements. This practical experience helps students better grasp classroom theories.

The goal of a quality internship should be to provide a valuable education and hands-on background through a supervised work experience. As a club manager, it is your responsibility to provide not only work experience but also an education during your intern’s tenure with your club. The purpose of this publication is to assist you in designing an internship program that will benefit you, your club and, most importantly, the intern.

1. Starting an Internship Program

When designing a new internship program for your club, you must follow five initial steps to make your program successful:

  • Step #1 Gain commitment from the club and its management staff.
  • Step #2 Determine the type of program that best suits your club.
  • Step #3 Determine your recruiting methods.
  • Step #4 Develop relationships with students and schools and follow up with them.
  • Step #5 Implement program evaluation and improvement/enhancement procedures.

  • Please go to / Student Section / Internship Programs for guidelines on each step listed above.

    2. Choosing an NAU Student as Your Intern

    NAU Internship General Information:

    An internship is one of the best ways for students to learn about exciting career opportunities in our industry. The following document provides a variety of information to the student, as well as to the employer, about Northern Arizona University’s HRM internship program. Please review these materials prior to completing the forms for student enrollment. I’ll gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have for clarification and understanding of the process.

    Please be aware that this internship is facilitated through the Bb-Learn online classroom accessible through Bi-weekly internet accessibility is a must to complete this HA408 course. Students enrolled in HA408 will automatically be enrolled in the ITS-TIPS course that will guide the student through an orientation of how to use the Bb-Learn in order to navigate the online classroom environment required.

    Please Note: In general, housing, transportation, and living expenses during the assignment are the student’s responsibility. There are always exceptions to this rule, ask your employer during the interview. You should also discuss any special needs you may have, especially the need to be away from work certain days or times. Advance requests are more easily accommodated than last minute ones. Communication is key.

    Please see the linked packet on the NAU Internship Program.

    Suzanne L. Siler, M.Ed.
    Program Director for Internships/Career Services
    School of Hotel & Restaurant Management
    Northern Arizona University
    P.O. Box 5638
    Flagstaff, Arizona 86011
    Office: (928) 523-1610
    FAX: (928) 523-1711
    [email protected]

    3. NAU Students Interested in the Internship Program with a CMAA Affiliated Club

    Click Here for Interested NAU Interns

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